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Redefining the working day – truly flexible work

by Lindsey Nathan on 9 May 2018 16:13pm 1748

Set your own time

The 9-5pm working day mentality has not kept pace with modern life. The rigid schedule of the typical working week has ruled out big sections of society from getting a job – people who are capable, willing and able to work.

Part of the reason Close to Hand was set up was to turn the working week on its head, because while it may have served well for previous generations that’s not a compelling reason to keep it. We may not be able to challenge the status quo for the entire workforce, but we can make it easier for people to find local, flexible work with a purpose.

Is the traditional 9-5 working day obsolete?

We believe it’s an outdated concept, yes and it seems that we’re not alone in that view as freelancing and self-employment are on a steep upward curve.

Close to Hand offers complete flexibility for Home Helpers as they are self-employed and can contact those looking for help directly through our secure online messaging service. The idea is that they message those who have posted a job to work out between them times that suit them both. In some cases hours will be set, for example a client maybe looking for a chaperone to attend their regular weekly hospital appointment, but the majority of jobs posted can offer flexibility.

The chances are there are older people in your neighbourhood who would value companionship and a helping hand at home; to them it makes very little difference if you pop in at 8.30 in the morning or for afternoon tea. The reality is there’s a gap in services to meet the needs of older people looking for support at home before they need advanced care. Humans are a diverse bunch with diverse needs that aren’t necessarily ruled by the clock and certainly not the 9-5 clock.

Split your time 

Home Helpers aren’t restricted in the number of connections they make through the site, so they may choose to split their time and help a number of different people. 

It may be the case that they see a post on the website that really appeals to them, but they’re only available for part of the time that the help is needed – we suggest making contact and raise the option of splitting the job with another Home Helper.

Working mums and retirees

Mums with school-age children can find it very difficult to secure work that fits in around the school day and calendar. Similarly, it can be a challenge to find flexible work for retirees wanting to supplement their pension income and stay active.  This is where becoming a Close to Hand Home Helper can be a perfect option.

The traditional working schedule doesn't conform to most people's lives, or their workflows. In our experience flexibility and choice works for both parties, so let’s redefine the working day.

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