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by The Food Spa on 24 April 2019 11:59am : 376

Why Having Your Meals Delivered Can Work For You.

fresh food delivered to home

Whatever your domestic situation planning, shopping and cooking fresh meals is a trial if you are too busy or unable to cook meals from scratch. Supermarket ready meals, meal kits and frozen products are the grab and go solution but despite the claims that fresh and frozen ready meals are ‘just like homemade’ the additives and preservatives that go in to these meals are artificial.

Often the ready meal skimps on the main ingredients of the dish yet the packaging gives the impression that the portion is bigger than it really is. The dishes, particularly the classical home-style favourites are high in sugar, salt and fat. The presentation of the finished dish once it has been coaxed and spooned out onto the plate usually looks disappointing too and in many instances tastes unexpectedly bland. Nevertheless the convenience of a shop bought ready meal being microwave or oven ready is an incentive to buy them to save ourselves time.

The Food Spa could be the solution you are looking for if you need the convenience of a ready prepared meal but want the added benefit of hand prepared fresh food using locally sourced quality ingredients. The fact that the meals are ordered from the comfort of your own home makes life even easier. Our clients have all manner of reasons to use our service – older people, new parents, working parents, dinner party hosts, professionals, commuters, house buyers and people who just fancy a few nights off from cooking.

The Food Spa offers a Home Range which has all the classic favourites to choose from, including a wide range of vegetarian and vegan friendly dishes for you to mix up your food choices and perhaps try something new. All meals are cooked to order to enable you to control whether you want to eat them, save them or freeze them for another time and for our regular customers, we even deliver our pies, bakes and casseroles in oven ready reusable trays to cut down on packaging. All our meals are competitively priced with value added quality, portion size and flavour.

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