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Help at home following the arrival of a newborn

by Lindsey Nathan on 6 March 2019 13:19pm : 735

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Offering home help and an extra pair of hands to new mums

Home Help for new mums

Stuck on the sofa with a baby that’s finally nodded off but you haven’t eaten since 6am, nearly out of nappies, have a pile of washing as tall as your house, work to crack on with and housework to do?

Whether it’s one of the above, all of the above or you just need someone to help with those everyday tasks whilst you take some time to rest and recover following the birth of your baby – Close to Hand is here. Our online service connects you to local helpers who can pop in and provide an extra pair of hands as and when needed.

The choice is yours
Home Helpers can provide assistance on an ad-hoc, short term basis or for a longer term depending on your requirements.  The service provides you with the flexibility to arrange help at times to suit you and offers you the choice to select a helper by searching through profiles of those in your local area.

Home Helpers can assist by:

  • Taking your shopping list to the supermarket to pick up household essentials.
  • Driving you to appointments if following surgery you are temporarily unable to.
  • Popping over once or twice a week to help with the ever-growing laundry pile.
  • Helping with household tasks; pushing the hoover around, washing up or changing the bedsheets
  • Preparing lunch or an evening meal whilst the baby feeds or needs your full attention
  • Being there on a short-term or ad-hoc basis if you’re solo parenting – when your partner returns to work, works long hours, or is travelling.
  • Helping out with the day-to-day if you’re unwell or just need a helping hand
  • Making a hot cup of tea and sharing much needed conversation!

Help when you need it
The level of help received can be agreed by you, using our secure messaging service, whether it’s daily, once a week or on an ad-hoc basis. Close to Hand Home Helpers are self-employed and set their own hourly rate which can be found on their profiles; this is typically between £8-£15 per hour making it an affordable and flexible option. Often Home Helpers are mums themselves with grown up or school-aged children looking for work to fit around the school run, or newly retired people seeking local work with a purpose.

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