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What a fantastic way to find help in the community. I posted an ad to get home help following the birth of my third child. A great concept and I would definitely recommend it. 
Samantha, Sevenoaks, Kent. August 2020

It's a hidden gem for those who need extra help. 
Lisa, Stroke Support Group, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. August 2020

We advertised on the website and were lucky enough to find a wonderful helper through the advert which has been a real lifeline both for us and for my mother. We would thoroughly recommend the service to anyone in a similar situation and it would always be our first port of call. 
Paul, Sevenoaks, Kent. July 2020

I used Close to Hand for the first time last week. It was reassuring to find so many helpers available who lived near my Dad. We contacted someone who replied within a few hours and arranged to meet a few days later. All went well and the helper is now supporting my Dad for a couple of hours twice a week. 
Mrs King, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. July 2020

I had a quick response to my advert and have now managed to meet up with my Mum's new helper. So far so good, Katrina seems caring and willing which has eased my Mum’s reluctance to accept that she really does need help around the house. My Mum cares for my Dad who has Dementia, so any help is most welcome. Thank you.  
Gwen, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. June 2020

We had lots of replies from lovely people all wanting to help which was great. We have engaged a lovely lady so hoping all works out. Thank you so much for being there, it’s an invaluable service that you are providing and is very much appreciated.  
Cath, Crowborough, East Sussex. June 2020

It has worked out well. Trisha bought some shopping for us yesterday and she has offered to shop or collect prescriptions whenever we need it. This is just what we need at the moment so we were lucky to hear of Close to Hand. Thank you so much  
Jenny, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. March 2020

Thanks to the Close to Hand service, my wife and I were able to quickly find a local, experienced and empathetic helper to spend one or two days a week at our home with my mother-in-law, who has Alzheimer's. It was so encouraging just to see how many capable people were in our area, and since each Home Helper's profile details their availability and skills, it was an easy matter to have a few email conversations, interview the most promising candidates in person and then select the best match. We're beyond happy with the results. 
Lucas, Mayfield, East Sussex. January 2020

I am extremely happy with the service! I have been looking for something like this for years and spent days on the phone getting nowhere. It is amazing that there are so many wonderful people out there, it was just finding them! Jen has been a perfect match for my mother.....they get on really well. I am keeping your website on my computer and if my mother needs extra help in the future I will definitely come to you. I have been recommending you to everyone.  
Ms Barton , Ticehurst, East Sussex. December 2019

Peter has been a huge help to my Aunt and Uncle, doing some DIY and helping with all sorts of things, including cooking, driving and techy stuff to help my deaf uncle compensate for his lack of hearing . Peter has helped and encouraged him with walking and getting about more, and my uncle enjoys his company very much. 
Mrs Harding , Tunbridge Wells, Kent. November 2019

We have connected with Jen via your site. She is a lovely person and a very good listener and willing to help in all situations. She is kind, sympathetic and understanding and quickly becomes a friend. 
Mrs J, Tonbridge, Kent. November 2019

Laura has been helping us on an ad hoc basis whilst I’ve been finding my feet with having a newborn and a toddler. I would liken her arrival to welcoming a huge hug into our home - always so friendly, really happy to help and a joy to be around. Everyone needs a Laura! 
Anna , Tunbridge Wells, Kent . November 2019

It's a brilliant service! I have found a helper who lives in the road next to me. She pops in to help out and I know because she's so close I can call her whenever we need her. I have recommended Close to Hand to everyone I know. 
Mrs James, Tonbridge, Kent. November 2019

She has been helping my mother who has been unwell for the last few weeks. She is always positive and happy to lend a hand with just about anything. She is super practical and a great problem solver and just a really nice person. Mum really couldn't have done without her and I am really grateful we managed to find her. 
Mrs F, Tunbridge Wells, Kent . November 2019

Theresa is sensitive caring willing professional but in a homely way. She helps my husband with Parkinsons and associated dementia enabling me to have time out. So pleased I heard about Close to Hand. 
Mrs N , Ashford, Kent . October 2019

I have recently had my second baby and with my husband working long hours, I am struggling to keep on top of everything. I registered with Close to Hand, posted a job advert and within an hour I had four replies! I chose Laura, she's a local mum with slightly older kids and so I felt she'd be a good match for me. After a few message exchanges on the site and a chat over the phone, she starts today. She's coming for two hours to help me out and I can't wait! 
Anna, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. September 2019

Sharon has a wonderful approach to being a helper! It feels as if I am welcoming a good friend into my home when she comes. She turns her hand to everything I have needed and I feel really uplifted when she leaves. I am so grateful to have been connected with her. Thank you so much Close to Hand 
Shirley, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. September 2019

I needed specific help fairly urgently so found the website really brilliant to scroll through profiles and find the sort of person I need. Thank you, I will definitely make people aware of Close to Hand 
Mrs Boakes, Mayfield, East Sussex. September 2019

I have had several replies to my job post and met with one lady today and am due to meet with another tomorrow who does different things. I think your service is a wonderful concept and I appreciate it greatly.  
Mrs H, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. August 2019

I am more than happy to recommend “Close to Hand”. So far we have used three ladies who we have found on this website. They come to sit with our mother, who suffers from dementia, for a few hours while the full-time carer takes her break. As they live “close to hand” they are happy to come just for a couple of hours when we need them. They have all been very pleasant, competent people and mother has been happy to be with them. Having several ladies on the website means that we always have a choice and the possibility of finding someone available when we need them. The website is straight forward and easy to use.  
Alexandra, Client, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. May 2019

Close to Hand has worked brilliantly for me. I have found a lovely lady who drives my mother in law to her club every fortnight. I am waxing lyrical to everyone about the website. It's fab! 
Joanne , Cranbrook, Kent . April 2019

Thank you for making your website so easy to use; it is so straightforward and you don't have to be an IT buff to use it. After posting my advert and finding three suitable workers to support my client in a matter of days, I was able to carry out a meet and greet session. This involved me, my client and the Home Helper and as a result of this being successful, work has commenced and is going extremely well. Thank you! 
Jo Dufton, Independent Occupational Therapist & Case Manager, Kent & Sussex. February 2019

I chose Amelia, and have found her good, hardworking and reliable. Our backgrounds have given us quite a lot in common, and we have an easy relationship. Keep up the good work! 
T.N., Tunbridge Wells, Kent. February 2019

I was very successful. Emma has been working here and has been fantastic. Thank you for the introduction. I’m very happy. 
Peter, Wadhurst, East Sussex. February 2019

We have found a lovely lady for my mother in law. The process was very easy and quick thank you! We will recommend to friends. 
Karen, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. January 2019

I was successful in finding a local home helper through Close to Hand. I found the service simple to use, it provided a good list of potential helpers and it was easy to communicate with them. The profiles were useful in finding a suitable person. 
Jenny P, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. January 2019

I went to Close to Hand to help me to support my parents. They both have a range of ailments which slow them down a bit, but they’re basically still mobile and living independently. They do, however, need a hand with things around the house and I can’t always get there myself. Close to Hand has enabled me to find a home helper to garden with my mum (who hates to hand over control of the garden to an actual gardener!) As I put up the request myself, I could screen responses which also made me feel reassured as my parents tend to be incredibly trusting. As my parents’ needs change over the coming years it’s great to know we can call on Close to Hand for more support.  
Miriam, daughter of Close to Hand clients, Hildenborough, Kent. December 2018

Julie my helper is a very pleasant, generous and caring person. Although she spends just 3 hours with me her enthusiastic and dynamic approach to all jobs has to be seen to be believed. She helps all around the house giving me time to work through, and organise urgent/mundane tasks and paper work. Also she shows me various cooking techniques for meals, pastries, and best use of food items, which otherwise would have been destined for the bin. For me cooking is essential as I have such a very limited knowledge of the subject. Julie is very bubbly, easy to talk with and we often put the world to rights over a cup of tea. I look forward to seeing her every time she visits. 
Eric, Tonbridge, Kent. November 2018

Scouring the internet we came across Close to Hand and were impressed from the moment we joined. The process is simple and user friendly and the responses we’ve had have been wonderful. We have a fabulous helper for our mum now and we couldn’t be happier. 
G.M, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. November 2018

We are very pleased to have her helping us and appreciate her ability to judge what is needed and to be efficient. She has proved she can take on any new task. 
Mr & Mrs B, Paddock Wood, Kent. October 2018

I have had help at home from one of the people shown on your website, following my posting. It has been for a short period so far, and a pleasant and satisfactory relationship from my point of view, with work well done and cheerfully. I hope to continue with this arrangement. 
Mrs B, Staplehurst, Kent. August 2018

I should like to say that she comes highly recommended and is a really nice lady. She is helping my mum with her large garden as mum cannot do it alone and needed an extra pair of hands. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She is a pleasure to have around! I found your site easy to use and I think the idea is a great one! 
G.F, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. June 2018

She is coming again this afternoon, I am hoping that this will be an ongoing arrangement. Your website is a marvel 
Dr Peel, East Sussex. May 2018

Thank you! She started yesterday and it went well. She’s very local to us so this is a real bonus. Website has worked well for me so many thanks. It’s difficult times with my parents right now and this has made things a little easier. 
S.M., Tunbridge Wells, Kent. April 2018

Finding Hannah has been a blessing; she pops in twice a week to help me with the food shopping and to provide an extra pair of hands in the garden. I look forward to her visits and our chats. We have become great friends 
Mrs H, Five Ashes, East Sussex. March 2018

Home Helpers

I have had good contact from people requiring assistance and have been able to meet their needs and agree what is required. Close to Hand has been a useful site to introduce new opportunities to me and potential clients. I would recommend joining up and adding your details so people can contact you. 
Nick, Horsmonden, Kent. July 2020

Close to Hand really is fabulous - it is such a good idea. I moved to Buxted from Surrey and in Surrey all my work was recommendations, when I moved I really wasn’t sure how I’d get work so your site has been invaluable to me.  
Katrina, Buxted, East Sussex. January 2020

Your company is amazing and I promote it wherever possible. I have met some lovely ladies through helping them. 
Amanda, Pembury, Kent. November 2019

It was the opportunity to find local, flexible work that appealed to me and providing some help to the older community. With Close to Hand, I can pick and choose jobs that I want to suit my other commitments. I’ve always enjoyed doing voluntary work with the elderly so this is perfect for me now that I am needing more paid employment. I have now been connected with four different people in my local area of Tunbridge Wells since registering in June. 
Clare, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. November 2019

I registered with Close to Hand and can honestly say that I love what I’m doing and at the same time I am helping other people. It’s really flexible and rewarding, as well as varied. I love being a helping hand, currently with a lovely lady who loves her garden, so I am her ‘right hand man’ as they say for the more challenging bending and digging, we chat whilst we garden and enjoy a cup of coffee together, she can maintain her independence and decisions over her garden which is very important to her. I’m also working with a young professional mum, second baby due later in the year ..again I love the flexibility helping with childcare and work around the home now and as her due date gets closer. After their new arrival I’ll be around for their needs, whatever they may be. No two visits are the same, you feel you become companions and friends. The thing I love most about this is you are not restricted to what you can help with, it’s whatever’s needed.  
Toni, Sevenoaks, Kent. July 2019

I help a lovely lady who has recently had a heart attack. She sent me a message just a few days after I registered on the site. I visit once a week for 2 hours, it fits in perfectly around school time. We chat, walk her little dog, I help with food shopping and food prep. Your website is such a great resource for the local community. Well done! 
Laura, Tunbridge Wells. June 2019

I registered with Close to Hand about a year ago. At first I was a bit apprehensive whether it would work for me but it was the best decision I ever made. I have built strong relationships with the people I work for and it is a very rewarding job. 
Sharon, Tunbridge Wells. June 2019

Close to Hand is really easy to use, and it was quick to set up my profile. I get emails about jobs in my area as soon as they are advertised. Lindsey is very helpful and always quick to respond to my emails. It's been very helpful for me as I've just started working for myself and have been looking for local work. 
Claire, East Sussex. June 2019

After seeing my wife enjoy her experience working as a Home Helper with Close to Hand, I registered as I thought maybe a male companion may be required. I have now been matched with an older couple in my local area. The lady has a regular carer who attends to her health needs. I "fill in the gaps " and offer company to her husband. This is a cup of tea, cake and a chat. He seems to appreciate the male interaction that he was missing. We both have similar interests so it has worked out well and offers peace of mind to the family. 
Tony, Tonbridge, Kent . March 2019

It's working out great, the jobs that come up in my area are clearly shown and it's easy to make contact with those needing the help. The emails to let us know a new advert has gone up is also really helpful. I recommend it to people as a helper & those looking for someone to help. I myself linked up with a lovely gentleman who I work for every week. 
Samantha, Heathfield, East Sussex. February 2019

I currently have one client who is absolutely lovely, and I enjoy visiting her. I hope to make more connections before too long. It's a great website for meeting and helping people. 
Bec, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. January 2019

I have been helping a local lady once a week. She was initially a bit reluctant and was encouraged by her daughter. She had a recent fall and had lost a lot of her confidence. We get on really well and she looks forward to my visits and I take her shopping and hospital appointments etc. She’s a lovely lady. Her daughter reports she has improved her confidence and is happy, so that’s been a success and I will continue as long as she needs me. 
Denise, Tonbridge, Kent. January 2019

I have been registered with Close to Hand for about 3 months. I enjoy the interaction, being able to help out, making the difference and helping with their independence. One of the gentlemen I help loves to chat and we cook together, which is great fun. I find being needed and really making a difference is very rewarding. I come away feeling uplifted and having really enjoyed my visits. 
Julie, Sevenoaks, Kent. December 2018

I have another part time job but had been looking to work a few more hours a week and do something that is personally rewarding. I posted my profile and within a couple of days, someone had contacted me. I met with the family and have been covering the live-in carer’s breaks. The client has dementia but is very aware of the help she has and always thanks me before I leave. We always have a laugh and she tells me her stories of living all over the world. Her carer is also very grateful for the break and says that my visits mean that she can take a break and come back recharged to carry on with her job. 
Emma, Mayfield, East Sussex. November 2018

She is a delightful lady who loves to chat. We sometimes go for a walk, especially if I bring my dog. Sometimes we go for a cup of tea. The time goes so quickly. It gives her family peace of mind that on the days I go she has company. 
Linda, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. November 2018

She looks forward to me coming now and I come away with a smile on my face knowing that I’ve made a difference. 
Linda, Tonbridge, Kent. September 2018

It is super! They are really kind and wonderful to work for and I think we have a nice compatible, quiet relationship going. I believe I help them and the time spent is great! 
Amelia, Rotherfield, East Sussex. September 2018

My afternoons are never the same, sometimes we watch Countdown together and other quizzes which she enjoys. We have made apple compote, scones and cakes. Other times we just sit and chat in the garden over a cup of tea. 
Valerie, Hartfield, East Sussex. July 2018

The time goes too quickly really. We chat about things we have done and we spend a bit of time weeding her very pretty garden. We tell each other stories about our families and we put the world to rights! I’m never bored in her company and giving time to her is the same as giving time to a good friend. 
Hannah, Mayfield, East Sussex. April 2018

As a Helper we can work flexible hours which suit us, knowing that we can make a difference to someone's life, and especially so if they do not have family close by. 
Diane, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. March 2018